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Vroom PerformanceSuite identifies and solves performance bottlenecks in applications. Enhance your customer and user experience with Vroom’s data collection and analysis tools.

All Vroom modules use a single interface providing a “single pane of glass” experience. 

Highlights Include:

  • Robust security feature set with Active Directory integration

  • Dynamic pivot charts

  • Charts include standard bar, area, line, scatter plot and 100% fill types

  • Metrics can be trended at various levels of granularity from yearly down to the collection interval

  • Computer Tagging  – Enables custom grouping, filtering and segmentation

  • Alerting and event notification services

  • Systems health monitoring

  • Maintenance Windows – History of maintenance windows is retained

Module Highlights Include:

  • Compatible with SQL Server 2005 and above

  • Instance Metrics –  assigned memory, CPUs, version, edition, service pack information, etc.

  • Configuration changes are noted, date/time stamped and searchable

  • Instance Performance – Over 200 performance metrics

  • Database Catalog

  • Database Metrics

  • Database Performance – Over 50 trendable performance metrics

  • Database File Metrics

  • Database File Performance

  • Deadlocks – Capture and analyze SQL deadlocks

  • Notable Queries – Query text, execution time, elapsed time, CPU time, reads, writes, disk cache hits/misses, etc.

  • Notable Query Index Suggestions -Index suggestions, Including query to create indexes, equality columns, inequality columns, estimated index impact on query

  • Notable Query Execution Plans

  • Wait Type Performance – Comprehensive trendable actual values and calculated deltas on over 500 wait types

  • Backups

  • Performance Counters – Over 200 performance counters for the SQL Server instance and broken down by database where applicable

  • Blocked Process Chains

Module Highlights Include:

  • Compatible with Windows Server 2003 and above

  • OS Metrics – includes metrics such as physical CPUs, cores, clock speed, architecture, installed RAM, Windows versions, Windows editions, service packs, etc.

  • Configuration changes are recorded, date/time stamped and searchable.

  • OS Performance- includes metrics such as memory usage, page file, CPU times, over all disk IO, CPU queue, process count, up time, thread count, etc.

  • Disk Metrics – Physical disk metrics such as firmware version, model, interface type, SCSI ports/bus/LUN, SMART status, geometry, etc.

  • Disk Performance – Trends logical disk read/write bytes, read/write IOPS, queue lengths and response times

  • Network Interface Metrics – NIC name, mac address, manufacturer, adapter type, online status, etc.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses and subnets

  • Network Interface Performance – queue lengths, bytes and packets sent, received and totals as well as other more advanced metrics such as unicast, outbound and discarded packets

  • Notable Process Performance

  • Process name and command line of notable processes

Module Highlights Include:

  • Compatible with IIS 7 and above

  • Website Catalog

  • List of all websites on the IIS instance

  • Website performance metrics including login attempts, files sent/received, bytes sent/received categorized by request method, etc. 

  • Application Pool Catalog

  • Application Pool configuration

  • Application Catalog

  • Worker Process Metrics

All Modules Use a Single Interface Providing a “Single Pane of Glass” Experience. 

Highlights Include:

  • Robust Security with Active Directory Integration

  • Dynamic Pivot Charts and Graphing

  • Computer Tagging  – Enables Custom Grouping, Filtering and Segmentation

  • Alerting and Event Notification Services

  • Maintenance History is Retained

Module Highlights Include:

  • Configuration Changes are Recorded and Searchable

  • Instance Performance – Over 250 Performance Metrics

  • Database Metrics – Over 75 Trendable Performance Metrics

  • Database File Metrics

  • Deadlocks – Analyze SQL Deadlocks

  • Notable Queies – Performance Statistics

  • Index Suggestions and Utilization

  • Query Execution Plans

  • Wait Type Performance on Over 500 Wait Types

  • Backups

  • Blocked Process Chains

Module Highlights Include:

  • OS & HW Metrics

  • Configuration Changes

  • OS Performance

  • IO Metrics

  • Network Interface Metrics and Performance

  • Notable Process Performance

Module Highlights Include:

  • Compatible with IIS 7 and above

  • Website Catalog

  • Website Performance Metrics

  • Application Pool Configuration

  • Application Catalog

  • Worker Process Metrics